As the date of completion of my B. Tech was reaching to last and I was panic to thinking about my job. As I was not able to get a placement from college where companies came in final year so all the day and night the only thing which I can think is only a job. I was from a middle class family, where they took an education loan for my bachelors and I can understand that my family is not able to pay monthly installments of loan after my B.Tech if I do not have the job in my hand. So those days were a nightmare for me.

I did my B.Tech in Computer science from a private engineering college at Jaipur. Where after all my efforts I was able to get good academic results but not able to get a job from campus placements because very few companies came for the jobs and very few students were selected in them. I went in couple of pooled campus drives as I had good marks in 10th, 12th and my bachelors but still I did not get a placement there. I am still thinking whether I am not having much technically knowledge to get a job in IT company from campus or my college did not provide me a better platform or better education.

After thinking all night, I could outline few thinks from each perspective where I am feeling this panic in my last days of my engineering.

Things where I think my college, education system was responsible for the same.

  1. As we know in private engineering colleges of Rajasthan, most does not have quality faculty to teach us for basic subjects which is required in industry like C, C++ or OOPS.
  2. Subjects & practical in our engineering education systems are out dated. They are not matched with current technical education scenario in IT Software industry. University should update the course content and subjects as per present needs.
  3. Training and placement departments are not reaching out to companies properly, as we know industry does have much demands in IT but they are not able to find talents as per their need. So reason is also that TPO departments are not reaching to companies properly.
  4. Colleges are not able to align students with proper trainings and projects as per industry needs. Like student opts for old technologies which does not have much demands and colleges does not provide counseling for the same.
  5. According to course content their only 30 days of technical summer industrial training in jaipur colleges. Engineering demands as much as possible practical knowledge which should be industry oriented. And our engineering college does only provides us only 30 days summer industrial training in jaipur , at least It should be 6 month project training in jaipur.

I can think many more points where college was responsible, but I can also outline many points where I think I am also responsible for this day of not having job as I am going to be an  engineering graduate soon.

  1. I was not focused on practical subjects, I was week in practical subject and I always go for theoretical subject to score good rather than preparing good for practical subjects. I realized this after facing 3-4 technical round interviews in campus placements.
  2. I did not work on my communication skills, as I was from hindi medium till my 12th, so I did not work on my English and communication skills.
  3. I was not serious about summer industrial training in 3rd years of my college in jaipur. I just took it very lightly and I wanted to pass those days as holidays at my home.
  4. I was also not serious about projects in my college; I just make them and submitted. Now I feel how important is your project in campus placement interviews.
  5. Today I feel I had must join some industry oriented training courses in jaipur as very good companies provides some technical trainings which directly help you to get into It jobs.
  6. I did not work on skills like designing and all. I must have done some training in graphic designing or web designing or SEO which help me in getting job in Jaipur.
  7. I should have go for PHP training or Android Training or Digital marketing training in jaipur which are now a day’s skills setter in IT Industry and you can get a job very easily in jaipur.

I can outline many more points, but found these to be most. So Friends I will suggest you that to join IT Company in Jaipur for professional and IT trainings  in PHP, Web Designing, Web development, Ecommerce, Android, IOS or Digital Marketing in Jaipur.

Thank you for reading this article.