Seo And Smo

Seo Services :

Our dedicated team of SEO professionals begins Search Engine Optimization work after understanding the target audience of the website that has to be optimized. We do not blindly get after promoting sites for a given set of key phrases but do thorough research and try to understand what all phrases will get desired audience to the website. For eg. if this site is promoted for the key phrase SEO, it could be a waste of an effort. As SEO is very generic and would be used by students interested in learning SEO techniques or laymen who just hear it some where and would like to know what it means. Whereas the target audience of this website are individuals and corporate who want to avail Search Engine Optimization services for their websites and they are more likely to punch in phrases or cost of SEO in India and so on.

SEO Training Company in Jaipur

Sagacious way of Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Ranking :

Keyword Development :

Keywords and key phrases research and planning. Brainstorm and select the best keywords / key phrases with the most searches and least competition. Home page and other important pages will have separate sets of keywords/key phrases combinations.

Site Analysis :

Complete site analysis to improve site structure, content and code. Solving design issues that have an impact on our search engine optimization work.

Development of Search Engine Optimized Pages :

Design and modification of highly optimized pages for higher rankings. Re -optimization of pages at regular intervals depending on results and in confirmation with SEO code of ethics.

Submission :

Hand submission to major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Altavista, AskJeeves, MSN, DMOZ) and link building across thousands of internet directories.

Fortnightly Reporting :

Reporting of the dynamics of change in website’s rankings on the Search Engines in a simple user friendly format. These reports are mailed every 15 days during the course of an SEO assignment.