Hello Friends, in this article we are going to tell you about Bulk SMS software or web application demo, or how to send online Bulk SMS? Many businesses or people need Bulk SMS for their businesses in nature of promotional Bulk SMS or transactional bulk SMS. But who have not used this application they are confused how to use bulk SMS software or web application. Here we are going to tell you everything about this process.

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What is Bulk SMS Marketing– Friends, by phone we can send only maximum number of 100’s SMS to our contact list and mobile companies provides only 100 SMS per day for free. For more number of SMS you will be charged 1 Rs per SMS which is quite high. So if we want to send thousands or Lacs of SMS for our business promotion, we need a cost effective and less time consuming bulk SMS application of software where can send thousands or Lacs of SMS in few seconds or minutes. This bulk SMS marketing or services offered by many BULK SMS services Provider Company in Jaipur.

So Many telecom companies provide this kind of solutions with the help of software / IT companies with aggregator or reseller mode. Where customer will be provided a user name and password with balance they need to buy with validity. Let us tell you steps involving in the process of sending bulk SMS.

  1. You have to open the website or URL provided by your bulk SMS provider company.
  2. Now you have to login with your username and password.

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3. In Messaging option you have 2 options – send SMS and send custom SMS.

-Send SMS- here you can send SMS one by one, upto 10 numbers or in the already created groups of contact numbers.

-Send Custom SMS- here you can send thousands or Lacs of SMS by the CSV (Comma separated value Excel file) or notepad file.

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4.  You have to select a sender ID, Sender ID denoted a 6 character id which shows in users mobile from which message comes. Like TM- RECKON, starting 2 characters shows telecom provider.

5. You can select the route which means promotional (Enterprise) or transactional (informative). Promotional which is used for strictly marketing purpose and transactional (informative) is used for any user based information like bank or any transaction etc.

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6. You can check sent SMS report from Reports section for each campaign.

So these are the basic methods of sending bulk SMS from the online web based application.

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