Bulk E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing :

Email marketing or Bulk mail is one of the effective way to promote you services or product to the marketplace. It is a cost effective and powerful medium of advertise and reach with large number of peoples directly. Currently all segments of companies or corporate are interest in the email marketing. E-mail marketing is a way to do direct marketing which uses electronic mailing system as a means of communicating or promote your commercial or non commercial message to target or un target audiences. Sending bulk emails with the purpose to display or promote our product in the marketplace. Improve the sales and market share. It also brings the repeat business. Sending e-mails to target or en numbers of peoples in local or universal market. Researchers estimated that United States firms alone spend US$400 million on e-mail marketing in 2006.Email marketing other wise called as bulk mail or mass mail.

Who can use email marketing :

Whether you start a new business, growing company, developed firm or corporate. E-mail marketing will give you an additional support in form of sales, development, marketing and money making. Internet usage is growing rapidly fast as a record from IAMAI currently 45 Million Internet Users in our country. So based on this input we came to understand that email marketing have lot of potential business growth in India.

How our mass mailing system success your business :

We have a wide knowledge in bulk mailing services. We ensure that your emails get deliver properly in inbox and avoided spamming. We educate our customers to send a proper bulk email to avoid spam and to get maximum benefit of the value return from us.

Our technologies :

We use the latest and advances technologies in email marketing. E mail marketing or mass mail marketing is the challenge task to success. Our professional are follow the email and ensure the track of prompt deliver.

Benefit and advantages :

Our country is waist where world 2nd biggest populations with all level of knowledge peoples. Paper advertisement or online advertisement or media advertisement will screw big money where your profit become less but email marketing will provide you the cost effective way of business to bring more customers with in short period of time.

Bulk Email Prices :

Email Credits :

Quantity Total Cost Per Email Cost Per Hour Outgoing Validity
1 Lakh Rs.4500/- 2.5 Paisa 500/hour 1 Year
2 Lakh Rs.10000/- 2.5 Paisa 800/hour 1 Year
5 Lakh Rs.10000/- 2 Paisa 1800/hour 1 Year
10 Lakh Rs.14500/- 1.5 Paisa 3500/hour 1 Year
20 Lakh Rs.25000/- 1.25 Paisa 5500/hour 1 Year
50 Lakh Rs.50000/- 1 Paisa 12000/hour 1 Year
1 Crore Rs.90000/- 0.9 Paisa 22000/hour 2 Year